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Steve Hahn Personal Real Estate Corportation
    March 8, 2024
    9809 182 Street Surrey, BC V4N 5A9, Surrey, Canada
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    If you have a passion for storytelling through visual media and possess excellent video editing skills, Canada offers exciting opportunities in the field of video editing. With its thriving film, television, and digital media industries, Canada attracts talented video editors from around the world. In this article, we will explore the job description for video editor positions in Canada and provide information about visa sponsorship options for international candidates.

    Job Details:

    • Employer Name:  Steve Hahn Personal Real Estate Corportation
    • Position: Video Editor
    • No of Vacancies: 1
    • Salary: $33.19 hourly / 20 to 40 hours per week
    • Employment Type: Full-time,  Part-time
    • Location: 9809 182 Street Surrey, BC V4N 5A9


    • No degree certificate or diploma


    • 3 years to less than 5 years


    As a video editor, your responsibilities may include:

    1. Editing Footage: Manipulating and organizing raw video footage, audio files, and graphics to create compelling and visually appealing video content.
    2. Storytelling: Collaborating with directors, producers, and other team members to understand the creative vision and narrative structure of the project. Using editing techniques to effectively convey the story, emotions, and messages.
    3. Video Editing Software: Utilizing industry-standard video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Avid Media Composer, to edit and enhance video content.
    4. Video and Audio Synchronization: Syncing audio tracks with video footage, adjusting timings, and ensuring seamless integration between visuals and sound.
    5. Color Correction and Grading: Applying color correction and grading techniques to enhance the overall visual aesthetics and maintain consistency throughout the project.
    6. Transitions and Effects: Incorporating transitions, visual effects, titles, and graphics to enhance the storytelling and overall production value.
    7. Collaboration and Feedback: Working closely with directors, producers, and clients to incorporate feedback, make revisions, and deliver the final edited product within project timelines.
    8. Asset Management: Organizing and managing project files, footage, and other digital assets in an efficient and organized manner.
    9. Quality Control: Conducting thorough reviews and quality checks to ensure the technical and visual integrity of the final video output, including resolution, aspect ratio, audio levels, and encoding settings.
    10. Staying Updated: Keeping abreast of the latest trends, techniques, and software advancements in video editing and post-production.


    The specific requirements for video editor jobs in Canada may vary depending on the employer, project, or position level. However, common requirements may include:

    1. Technical Skills: Proficiency in video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Avid Media Composer. Familiarity with audio editing software, motion graphics software, and color grading tools may be an asset.
    2. Creative Eye: Demonstrating a keen eye for detail, composition, timing, and storytelling. Having a strong understanding of visual aesthetics, pacing, and the ability to bring the director's vision to life.
    3. Experience and Portfolio: Having prior experience in video editing and a portfolio showcasing your editing skills, creativity, and versatility. Including a range of projects, styles, and genres is beneficial.
    4. Collaboration and Communication: Working effectively in a team environment, taking feedback constructively, and communicating ideas and progress to team members and clients.
    5. Time Management: Excelling at managing time and priorities, meeting deadlines, and delivering high-quality edited videos within project schedules.
    6. Language Proficiency: While not always mandatory, a basic understanding of English or French may be required for effective communication and collaboration within the industry.
    7. Valid Work Permit: Obtaining a valid work permit or visa that allows employment in Canada.

    How to apply for this job?

    By email

    By mail
    9809 182 Street
    Surrey, BC
    V4N 5A9

    Visa Sponsorship:

    International candidates interested in video editor jobs in Canada may be eligible for visa sponsorship. The specific visa sponsorship options depend on factors such as the duration of employment, qualifications, and the specific job offer.

    It is recommended to consult with Canadian immigration authorities or seek professional advice to determine the most suitable visa sponsorship program based on individual circumstances and job opportunities.


    Working as a video editor in Canada offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the vibrant film, television, and digital media industries. By understanding the job description and exploring visa sponsorship options, international candidates can pursue their passion for storytelling and visual creativity in the dynamic Canadian market.

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