Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator

Job Overview

  • Jobs Position: Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator
  • Location: Woodbridge, ONTARIO, CA
  • Vacancies: 1
  • Company: Magna
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Country: Canada


  • No degree certificate or diploma


  • 3 years to less than 5 years

In today’s fast-paced industrial world, the manufacturing sector plays a crucial role in producing goods that meet the demands of consumers. Companies like Magna International Canada are at the forefront of manufacturing excellence, and they rely on skilled professionals to ensure smooth operations. One such position within their manufacturing team is that of a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator. In this article, we will explore the job description of a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator in Magna International Canada, highlighting their responsibilities, required skills, career growth opportunities, and more.

1. Introduction

The rolling mill is a vital component in the production process of various metal products. It involves shaping metal by passing it through a series of rollers to achieve the desired dimensions and properties. A Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator is responsible for setting up and operating the rolling mill machinery, ensuring the production runs efficiently and effectively.

2. Overview of Magna International Canada

Magna International Canada is a leading global automotive supplier with a strong presence in Canada. They specialize in the design, development, and production of innovative automotive systems and components. With a commitment to delivering high-quality products, Magna International Canada has established a reputation for excellence in the industry.

3. Role of a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator

As a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator, your primary role is to facilitate the setup and operation of the rolling mill machinery. You will work closely with senior operators and technicians to ensure the efficient functioning of the rolling mill and the production of high-quality metal products.

4. Responsibilities and Duties

Setting up the rolling mill equipment

One of the main responsibilities of a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator is to prepare the rolling mill for operation. This includes ensuring all necessary tools and materials are in place, inspecting the equipment for any issues, and setting up the machine according to specifications.

Adjusting and monitoring machine settings

Once the rolling mill is set up, you will be responsible for adjusting and monitoring the machine settings. This involves configuring the rollers, speed, and tension to achieve the desired product specifications. Regular monitoring is essential to ensure smooth operation and to identify any deviations or abnormalities.

Operating and maintaining the rolling mill

During the production process, you will be responsible for operating the rolling mill machinery. This includes feeding the raw materials into the machine, controlling the rolling process, and monitoring the output for quality and accuracy. Additionally, you will need to perform routine maintenance tasks to keep the equipment in optimal condition.

Inspecting finished products for quality

Quality control is a critical aspect of the Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator’s role. You will be required to inspect the finished products to ensure they meet the required quality standards. This involves conducting visual inspections, measuring dimensions, and conducting tests to verify the integrity and performance of the metal products.

Troubleshooting and resolving issues

In the event of any operational issues or malfunctions, you will be responsible for troubleshooting and resolving them promptly. This may involve analyzing machine performance, identifying the cause of the problem, and taking appropriate corrective actions to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

5. Required Skills and Qualifications

To excel as a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator in Magna International Canada, you should possess the following skills and qualifications:

Technical knowledge and experience

A solid understanding of rolling mill operations and related machinery is essential for this role. You should be familiar with different rolling techniques, machine settings, and maintenance procedures. Previous experience in a similar position or relevant training will be advantageous.

Attention to detail and precision

Working with complex machinery requires meticulous attention to detail and precision. You must have a keen eye for detecting potential issues, ensuring accurate measurements, and maintaining consistency in product quality.

Physical stamina and strength

The role of a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator often involves physical labor, including lifting heavy materials and standing for extended periods. Good physical stamina and strength are necessary to perform the job effectively.

Problem-solving and decision-making abilities

As an operator, you will encounter various challenges and unforeseen circumstances. Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills will enable you to identify and address issues promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to the production process.

Teamwork and communication skills

Collaboration and effective communication are essential when working in a manufacturing environment. You will be part of a team, coordinating tasks, sharing information, and working towards common production goals. Strong interpersonal skills will contribute to a harmonious and productive work environment.

6. Training and Education

Magna International Canada provides comprehensive training programs for Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operators to enhance their skills and knowledge. This may include on-the-job training, technical workshops, and opportunities to learn from experienced professionals. Additionally, pursuing relevant certifications or diplomas in manufacturing or mechanical engineering can further enhance your career prospects.

7. Work Environment and Schedule

As a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator, you can expect to work in a manufacturing facility that operates on a shift basis. The work environment may involve exposure to noise, dust, and other occupational hazards. Adhering to safety protocols and wearing appropriate protective gear is crucial to ensure personal well-being and a safe working environment.

8. Career Growth Opportunities

Starting as a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator, you have the opportunity to advance your career within Magna International Canada. With experience and a proven track record, you can progress to senior-level positions, such as Rolling Mill Operator, Supervisor, or even management roles. Continuous learning and professional development will be key to unlocking these advancement opportunities.

9. Salary and Benefits

The salary of a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator in Magna International Canada may vary depending on factors such as experience, qualifications, and location. Generally, the compensation package includes competitive wages, health benefits, retirement plans, and other perks. Magna International Canada values its employees and strives to provide a rewarding work experience.

10. Job Outlook

The demand for skilled manufacturing professionals, including Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operators, remains steady. As the manufacturing sector continues to evolve and innovate, there will be a need for individuals who can contribute to the production of high-quality metal products. By acquiring the necessary skills and staying updated with industry trends, you can secure a promising career in this field.

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11. Conclusion

The role of a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator in Magna International Canada is vital for ensuring the smooth operation of rolling mill machinery and the production of high-quality metal products. This position offers an opportunity to work in a dynamic manufacturing environment, learn valuable skills, and contribute to the automotive industry. If you are passionate about manufacturing and enjoy working with machinery, pursuing a career as a Jr. Rolling Mill Set Up Operator could be a fulfilling choice.

Job Category: Factory Worker
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Ontario
Salary: negotiable
Qualification: certificate or diploma
Working Hour: 40 hours a week

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