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We have an opening on our team for a Kitchen Helper Worker that is dependable and effective in their work. The ideal candidate will have the responsibility of providing assistance to the kitchen staff in the process of preparing and serving meals. The Kitchen Helper Worker is responsible for keeping the kitchen tidy, well-organized, and equipped with all of the necessary equipment and ingredients.

Job Position: Kitchen Helper
Job Location: Location1018 Commercial Dr.Vancouver, BC V5L 3W9
Company: Bombay Kitchen
Salary: $16 hourly
Job type: Full Time
Working Hours: 40 Hours a week

Principal Duties and Obligations:

  • Contribute to the kitchen crew’s efforts in the areas of meal preparation, cooking, and service of meals.
    Maintain a spotless and well-organized state in the cooking area at all times.
  • You are responsible for washing the necessary amount of dishes, cutlery, and cooking utensils.
  • Be responsible for the secure and appropriate receipt and storage of all food supplies.
  • Contribute to the process of stocking goods and managing inventories.
  • Observe all of the regulations regarding the cleanliness and safety of food.
  • Be sure you adhere to all of the procedures and rules in the kitchen.
  • Take on any additional responsibilities that may be given to you by the Kitchen Manager.


  • A diploma from an accredited high school or its equivalent.
  • A track record of success in a position analogous to that of a Kitchen Helper.
  • Knowledge of the procedures for ensuring the safety of food and maintaining hygiene.
  • Capability to function effectively in high-pressure environments.
  • Proven ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.
  • Capacity to heft large objects and maintain a standing position for long periods of time.
  • You are need to be available to work on the weekends and on holidays.


  • A pay that is comparable to others in the industry • An all-encompassing benefits package • Opportunities for promotion • A stimulating and welcoming place of employment

We strongly recommend you to submit an application for this fascinating position if you are someone who works well in a group, maintains a positive outlook, and has a strong interest in the culinary arts and hospitality industry.

What does Kitchen Helper Worker Do?

  • The primary duty of a worker classified as a Kitchen Helper is to provide assistance to the kitchen staff when they are preparing and serving meals. A Kitchen Helper Worker’s responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Aiding the kitchen staff in the preparation of food by performing tasks such as chopping vegetables, combining ingredients, and making sauces is an example of food preparation.
  • Providing assistance to the kitchen staff in the preparation of meals, including frying, baking, and grilling food items.
  • Serving: Bringing food to clients while making sure that each dish is attractively presented and lives up to the restaurant’s quality expectations.
  • Cleaning: Performing cleaning tasks in the kitchen, such as washing dishes, sweeping the floor, and cleaning cooking utensils and appliances.
  • Organizing: ensuring that the kitchen is neat and tidy, as well as that all essential supplies are supplied and can be reached without difficulty by organizing the kitchen.
  • Assist with the management of inventory, which includes receiving and storing food deliveries in a manner that is both secure and acceptable.
  • Food safety and hygiene refers to the practices of adhering to food safety and hygiene guidelines in order to guarantee that each meal is produced and served in a hazard-free environment.
  • The Kitchen Helper Worker’s primary responsibilities include ensuring that customers have a pleasant eating experience and that the kitchen runs efficiently. In addition, the Kitchen Helper Worker is responsible for ensuring that all customers are satisfied with their meals.

Educational and Professional Development Opportunities

Education and experience prerequisites for a position as a Kitchen Helper Worker are likely to differ from one business and location to the next. However, in general, the following are some guidelines to follow:


This position typically requires a diploma from an accredited high school or an equal level of education. It is not usually required for candidates to have finished culinary school or have a diploma in culinary arts; nevertheless, some employers may prefer candidates who have completed such programs.


Kitchen Helper Workers are typically given the opportunity to receive training on the job. During training, participants may learn various methods for food preparation, as well as safety and sanitary procedures in the kitchen and how to operate various pieces of equipment. Training in areas such as customer service, menu knowledge, and collaboration may also be provided by some employers.

In addition to receiving instruction on the job, workers who are employed as Kitchen Helper may also have the option to participate in off-the-job training, such as workshops or seminars, where they can pick up new abilities and methods relating to food preparation, cooking, and kitchen management.


Workers in the kitchen assistance industry are not needed to hold any specialized certificates. On the other hand, certain businesses may give preference to applicants who have completed training in food safety or sanitation, such as a ServSafe certification. A successful completion of a training program and subsequent examination is required to earn this certification.

In general, while having a formal education and training can be beneficial, the vast majority of Kitchen Helper Workers acquire their skills and expertise from experience and training gained while working in the field.

Compensation and Advantages

It is possible for a Kitchen Helper Worker’s salary and benefits to change depending on the employer, location, and level of experience held by the worker. However, in general, the following are some guidelines to follow:


The average hourly compensation for a Kitchen Helper Worker in Canada is approximately $15 CAD (Canadian Dollars) per hour. However, depending on a variety of criteria such as geography, years of experience, and the business, hourly pay might range anywhere from $12 to $20 in Canadian dollars.


Kitchen Helper Workers may be eligible for a variety of benefits from their employers, including the following:

Insurance for medical bills, prescriptions, dental care, and other health-related costs may be covered by the health and dental insurance that some firms provide for their workers. This insurance may be offered by the company.

Retirement savings plan: Employers may choose to provide their staff members with a retirement savings plan, such as a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), which enables workers to save aside funds for their retirement and receive tax benefits at the same time.

Paid vacation time may be provided to employees by their employers. The amount of time provided may range anywhere from one to four weeks annually, depending on the firm and the length of time the employee has been employed by them.

Work arrangements that are flexible: In order to assist their employees in maintaining a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives, some employers may provide their workers with the option of working part-time or with flexible hours.

Discounts for workers may be provided by employers on a variety of goods and services, including meals, retail, and other services provided by the business.

It is possible for an employer and location to have a significant impact on the overall income and benefits package offered to a Kitchen Helper Worker. However, in order to recruit and keep talented workers, the majority of businesses provide wages that are competitive in the market as well as a variety of other benefits.


In conclusion, a Kitchen Helper Worker plays a crucial part in the successful operation of a kitchen by offering support to the kitchen crew in the preparation and service of meals. This assistance is provided by the Kitchen Helper Worker. The position normally requires a high school graduation or its equivalent, and training is typically received on the job.

A competitive income and a variety of benefits, such as health and dental insurance, retirement savings plans, vacation time, and flexible work arrangements are often included in the salary and benefits package for a Kitchen Helper Worker. However, the salary and benefits package for a Kitchen Helper Worker may vary based on the company, location, and experience level of the worker. Those individuals who have a passion for food and hospitality may find that pursuing a career as a Kitchen Helper Worker is an option that may overall be satisfying and enjoyable.

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Job Type: Full Time
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Salary: $16 hourly
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Working Hour: 40 hours a week

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