Bagele Chabalala

experienced pharmacy technician
  • Gaborone, Botswana
  • June 24, 2023

A dedicated hardworking and goal oriented 39-year-old with 16 years' experience in both retail/community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy looking to gain international experience and challenge herself.

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Diploma @ University of Botswana
Aug 2020 — May 2023

Diploma in Accounting and Business Studies

Diploma @ Gaborone Institute of Health Sciences
Aug 2003 — May 2006

Diploma in Pharmacy Technology


Pharmacy Technician @ Debswana Jwaneng Mine
Nov 2010 — Current

Dispensing and counselling outpatients
Dispensing to both Private and Public patients
Submitting claims to the medical aid
Dispensing over the counter Medicines
Using the Government system to dispense ARVs to public patients
Performing quarterely stock take
Ordering stock from both Central Medical Stores and Private Suppliers
Submitting Invoices to Accounts Payable Departments for payments
Recieving stock both physically and in the system
Packing stock in the shelves using FIFO method
Doing ward visits
Using e-pharmacy to dispense, check and load and send patients SMSs for collection
Prepacking and labelling medicines
Preparing extemporaneous preparations for ward use
Issuing stock to the wards
Dispensing and billing to inpatients
Getting correct contacts for patients for e-pharmacy registration
Dispensing Habit Forming Drugs
Sectional Representative on some Hospital committies
Preapring and subitting reports
Weighing and preparing oral and external use mixtures for patients

Pharmacy Technician @ Molapo Pharmacy
Apr 2010 — Oct 2010

Dispensing and counselling patients
Liasing with prescribers
Selling and prescribing over the counter medicines
Tilling customers and giving change and reciepts
Ordering Medicines from private suppliers
Receiving stock into the UNISOLVE system
Performing physical and system stock take
Dispensing ARVs to patients through the Government Private Partnership Programme
Submitting claims to the medical aid for payments
Collecting customer's payment portion for medicines
Weighing and preparing oral and external use mixtures for patients
Mixing skin preparations for patients

Pharmacy Technician @ Gaborone City Council
Aug 2006 — Mar 2010

Ordering and receiving medicines from the Central Medical Stores
Dispensing and counselling outpatiesnts
Liasing with Doctors and Nurses where necessary
Performing stock count
Dispensing ARV drugs to patients
Doing pill count and adherence counselling to patients.
Using MASA ARV system to dispense
Preparing and sending reports

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