Yasser Bader

Laundry , housekeeping, cleaner , driver
  • Ramallah, Palestinian Territory
  • May 1, 2023
  • Skills: sorting and organizing laundry, washing and drying clothes, ironing and folding clothes, stain removal
  • Specialties: handling delicate fabrics, using eco-friendly detergents, implementing efficient laundry systems
  • Experience: working in a professional laundry service, managing a large family's laundry needs
  • Goals: to continually improve laundry techniques, stay up-to-date on eco-friendly and sustainable laundry practices, provide excellent customer service


  • Skills: cleaning and organizing rooms, dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors, changing bed linens, managing household supplies
  • Specialties: deep cleaning, green cleaning, managing household inventories
  • Experience: working in hotels, managing a household's cleaning needs
  • Goals: to provide a clean and comfortable living space for clients, to continually improve cleaning techniques and implement new strategies for efficient and effective cleaning


  • Skills: cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, using cleaning equipment and tools, managing cleaning supplies, organizing spaces
  • Specialties: green cleaning, deep cleaning, managing hazardous materials
  • Experience: working in various settings such as offices, schools, hospitals, and residential properties
  • Goals: to provide a clean and safe environment for clients, to continually learn and implement new cleaning techniques, to stay up-to-date on eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning practices


  • Skills: operating a vehicle, following traffic laws and safety guidelines, managing route schedules and directions, maintaining a clean and well-functioning vehicle
  • Specialties: driving specialized vehicles (e.g. buses, trucks), providing excellent customer service, managing vehicle maintenance
  • Experience: working as a personal driver, commercial driver, delivery driver
  • Goals: to provide safe and efficient transportation for clients, to continually improve driving skills and knowledge of traffic laws and regulations, to prioritize customer satisfaction and comfort.
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