3d Character Artist Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Snowed In Studios Inc.
    April 6, 2024
    400-981 Wellington St W, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 2Y1, Canada, Ottawa, Canada
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    If you have a passion for creating captivating characters and bringing them to life in the digital realm, there are excellent opportunities for 3D character artists in Canada's vibrant entertainment and gaming industry. Canada is home to renowned animation and gaming studios, offering a welcoming environment for talented artists. In this article, we will explore the job description for 3D character artist positions and provide information about visa sponsorship options for international candidates.

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    Job Details:

    • Employer Name:  Snowed In Studios Inc.
    • Position: 3d Character Artist
    • No of Vacancies: 1
    • Salary: $35.00 hourly / 20 to 40 hours per week
    • Employment Type: Full-time,  Part-time
    • Location: 400-981 Wellington St W, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 2Y1, Canada


    • No degree certificate or diploma


    • 3 years to less than 5 years

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    As a 3D character artist, your responsibilities may include:

    1. Character Design: Collaborating with concept artists, art directors, and other team members to create original and visually appealing character designs that align with the project's artistic direction and requirements.
    2. 3D Modeling: Creating high-quality 3D models of characters, creatures, and props using industry-standard software such as ZBrush, Maya, or 3ds Max. Paying attention to detail, anatomy, and proportion to ensure accurate and realistic representations.
    3. Texturing and Shading: Applying textures and materials to 3D models, ensuring proper mapping, UV unwrapping, and consistent visual style. Creating high-resolution textures and utilizing techniques such as PBR (Physically Based Rendering).
    4. Sculpting and Detailing: Sculpting intricate details and adding surface textures to enhance the realism and appeal of characters. Employing techniques such as digital sculpting and using specialized software like ZBrush or Mudbox.
    5. Rigging and Skinning: Collaborating with rigging artists to ensure proper character deformation and articulation. Skinning character models to create realistic movements and animations.
    6. Collaboration and Feedback: Working closely with animators, technical artists, and other team members to ensure seamless integration of characters into the project. Incorporating feedback and making adjustments as necessary.
    7. Optimization: Optimizing character assets for performance, ensuring efficient use of polygons, textures, and other resources without compromising visual quality.
    8. Industry Trends: Staying updated with the latest trends and techniques in character art, 3D modeling, and texturing. Exploring new tools, workflows, and technologies to improve productivity and artistic quality.

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    The specific requirements for 3D character artist jobs in Canada may vary depending on the studio, project, or position level. However, common requirements may include:

    1. Education and Portfolio: Possessing a degree or diploma in animation, digital arts, or a related field. Building a strong portfolio that showcases your character art skills, including modeling, texturing, and showcasing a range of styles and techniques.
    2. Character Art Skills: Demonstrating a strong understanding of anatomy, form, proportion, and character design principles. Proficiency in 3D modeling and sculpting software such as ZBrush, Maya, or 3ds Max.
    3. Texturing and Shading Skills: Having experience with texture painting, material creation, and shader networks. Familiarity with software like Substance Painter, Substance Designer, or Mari.
    4. Creativity and Artistic Ability: Demonstrating a keen eye for detail, composition, and aesthetics to create visually appealing and memorable characters.
    5. Collaboration and Communication: Working effectively in a team environment, taking feedback constructively, and communicating ideas and progress to team members.
    6. Problem-Solving Skills: Solving artistic challenges creatively and efficiently, troubleshooting technical issues, and adapting to project requirements.
    7. Time Management: Excelling at managing time and priorities, meeting deadlines, and delivering high-quality character art assets within project schedules.
    8. Language Proficiency: While not always mandatory, a basic understanding of English or French may be required for effective communication and collaboration within the studio.
    9. Valid Work Permit: Obtaining a valid work permit or visa that allows employment in Canada.

    Visa Sponsorship:

    International candidates interested in 3D character artist jobs in Canada may be eligible for visa sponsorship. The specific visa sponsorship options depend on factors such as the duration of employment, qualifications, and the specific job offer.

    It is recommended to consult with Canadian immigration authorities or seek professional advice to determine the most suitable visa sponsorship program based on individual circumstances and job opportunities.

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    Working as a 3D character artist in Canada provides an exciting opportunity to contribute to the country's thriving entertainment and gaming industry. By understanding the job description and exploring visa sponsorship options, international candidates can pursue their passion for character artistry and showcase their talent in the dynamic Canadian market.

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