Jobs in Canada: Network Administrator with Visa Sponsorship

9167-3772 QUEBEC INC.
    April 7, 2024
    2085 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, J2B1R6, Drummondville, Canada
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    If you have a strong technical background and a passion for managing computer networks, a career as a network administrator in Canada can offer excellent prospects. With the increasing reliance on technology and connectivity, the demand for skilled network administrators is on the rise. In this article, we will explore the job description for network administrator positions in Canada and provide information about visa sponsorship options for international candidates.

    Job Details:

    • Employer Name: 9167-3772 QUEBEC INC.
    • Position: Network Administrator
    • No of Vacancies: 1
    • Salary: $25.00 hourly / 20 to 40 hours per week
    • Employment Type: Full-time,  Part-time
    • Location: 2085 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, J2B1R6


    • No degree certificate or diploma


    • 3 years to less than 5 years

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    As a network administrator, your responsibilities may include:

    1. Network Design and Implementation: Designing and implementing computer networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and virtual private networks (VPNs). Planning network infrastructure, selecting hardware and software components, and ensuring network security.
    2. Network Monitoring and Maintenance: Monitoring network performance, troubleshooting network issues, and performing regular maintenance tasks to ensure optimal network functionality. Identifying and resolving network bottlenecks, connectivity issues, and security vulnerabilities.
    3. Network Security: Implementing and maintaining network security measures to protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber threats. Configuring firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and access controls to safeguard network resources.
    4. User Support: Assisting users with network-related issues, providing technical support, and troubleshooting connectivity problems. Resolving network access problems and ensuring efficient and reliable network connectivity for end-users.
    5. Network Upgrades and Expansion: Planning and implementing network upgrades, expansions, and migrations. Evaluating and recommending new technologies, hardware, and software to enhance network performance and scalability.
    6. Backup and Disaster Recovery: Implementing backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure data integrity and minimize downtime in the event of network failures or disasters. Regularly testing and updating backup systems and recovery procedures.
    7. Documentation and Reporting: Maintaining accurate network documentation, including network diagrams, configurations, and procedures. Generating reports on network performance, security incidents, and infrastructure status.
    8. Network Policies and Procedures: Developing and enforcing network policies, procedures, and best practices to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Providing guidance to users on network usage and security protocols.
    9. Collaboration and Training: Collaborating with IT teams, system administrators, and other stakeholders to coordinate network-related projects and initiatives. Providing training and support to staff members on network-related technologies and protocols.
    10. Staying Updated: Keeping abreast of the latest networking technologies, industry trends, and best practices through continuous learning and professional development.

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    The specific requirements for network administrator jobs in Canada may vary depending on the employer, industry, and position level. However, common requirements may include:

    1. Education and Certifications: Possessing a degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. Industry certifications, such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or CompTIA Network+, may be beneficial.
    2. Technical Skills: Demonstrating strong technical knowledge of networking protocols, hardware, and software, including TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, routing, switching, and firewalls. Familiarity with network management tools and monitoring systems is essential.
    3. Problem-Solving Abilities: Having excellent analytical and problem-solving skills to identify and resolve network-related issues effectively.
    4. Security Knowledge: Understanding network security principles and best practices, including encryption, authentication, and access control mechanisms.
    5. Communication Skills: Possessing strong communication skills to effectively communicate technical concepts to non-technical users and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
    6. Teamwork: Working well in a team environment, collaborating with colleagues, and demonstrating a willingness to learn and share knowledge.
    7. Time Management: Excelling at managing time, prioritizing tasks, and meeting deadlines in a fast-paced network environment.
    8. Valid Work Permit: Obtaining a valid work permit or visa that allows employment in Canada.

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    Visa Sponsorship:

    International candidates interested in network administrator jobs in Canada may be eligible for visa sponsorship. The specific visa sponsorship options depend on factors such as the duration of employment, qualifications, and the specific job offer.

    It is recommended to consult with Canadian immigration authorities or seek professional advice to determine the most suitable visa sponsorship program based on individual circumstances and job opportunities.

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    How to apply for this job?

    Contact person
    Isabelle Auger
    Telephone: (819) 472-1215 Extension: 223, Email:


    Working as a network administrator in Canada offers an exciting and challenging career path in the ever-evolving field of technology. By understanding the job description and exploring visa sponsorship options, international candidates can pursue their passion for managing computer networks and contribute to the efficient and secure operation of Canadian businesses and organizations.

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