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We are now looking to add a dependable and hardworking Kitchen Helper to our team at a variety of locations across Canada. If this sounds like you, please apply today! The ideal candidate will be responsible for a range of responsibilities in the kitchen to support our culinary staff. These tasks include ensuring that all equipment and work surfaces are clean and sterilized, assisting with food preparation and plating, and ensuring that all equipment is properly maintained.

Principal Duties and Obligations:

  • Ensure that all equipment, utensils, and work surfaces are clean and sanitized. • Assist the culinary team with food preparation, such as chopping vegetables, preparing sauces, and assembling dishes. • Maintain cleanliness and organization in the kitchen, including washing dishes, sweeping and mopping floors, and taking out the trash. • Assist with plating and presentation of dishes, ensuring that they are visually appealing and meet our high standards for quality. • Follow all safety protocols and procedures


  • You must have completed high school or have the equivalent
  • Prior experience working in a kitchen environment is ideal, but not needed. • Strong organizational and time management abilities. • Ability to operate in a fast-paced atmosphere and do physical duties, such as standing for lengthy periods and lifting heavy objects. • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Having the ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends; • Being willing to learn from the culinary team and follow direction from them; • Having a fundamental comprehension of the rules for food safety and cleanliness

We strongly recommend you to submit an application for this fascinating job opening if you are an individual who is both hard-working and devoted, and who has a deep interest in the field of culinary arts. We are able to provide our employees with possibilities for progression within the firm, as well as competitive salary and benefit packages.

What does a Kitchen assistant Do?

In a kitchen setting, it is the responsibility of a Kitchen Helper to carry out a number of errands in order to provide assistance to the culinary staff. The following are examples of some of the tasks and responsibilities that a Kitchen Helper may be expected to perform:

  • Keeping the kitchen clean and organized requires doing things like washing the dishes, sweeping and mopping the floors, and putting out the garbage on a regular basis.
  • Providing assistance to the culinary crew during meal preparation, including but not limited to chopping vegetables, making sauces, and putting together dishes.
  • ensuring that all of the tools, implements, and work surfaces are clean and sterilized at all times.
  • Contributing to the plating and presentation of foods, with the goal of ensuring that they are both appetizing to the eye and up to the required standard of quality.
  • It is imperative that all criteria pertaining to food safety and cleanliness be adhered to in order to maintain a risk-free working environment.
  • Taking on additional responsibilities as directed by the Chef or the Kitchen Manager.
  • Helpers in the kitchen are often hired for entry-level roles and can be found working in a variety of kitchens, including those belonging to hotels, restaurants, catering firms, and institutional kitchens. Although having prior experience working in a kitchen setting is preferable, it is not often essential because on-the-job training is frequently provided instead. In order to be effective as a Kitchen Helper, one needs to have good organizational and time management skills, the capacity to operate in an environment that is always moving, and the willingness to learn new things and follow the culinary team’s instructions.

Helper in the Fields of Education and Training

It’s possible that the education and training requirements for a Kitchen Helper will differ from one company to the next, based on the required level of experience for the role. On the other hand, the average minimum educational qualification for employment as a Kitchen Helper is the completion of high school or an equivalent credential.

Kitchen Helpers frequently receive on-the-job training, during which they are instructed on fundamental food preparation methods, general food safety and hygiene rules, and the proper use of various pieces of kitchen equipment and utensils. For Kitchen Helpers who are interested in further developing their skills, some employers may provide the opportunity to participate in official training programs or apprenticeships.

In addition, certain vocational schools, community colleges, and culinary schools offer certificate or diploma programs in culinary arts or kitchen operations. These programs, which may be useful for people who want to pursue a career in the culinary sector, can be found in the United States. Coursework in topics such as food preparation, nutrition, safe kitchen practices, and culinary methods may be included in these programs.

Practical experience earned on the job is frequently the most beneficial kind of education for Kitchen Helpers, as it allows them to expand their skills and knowledge under the guidance of experienced culinary professionals. Although formal education and training can be helpful, in the end, it is generally the practical experience gained on the job that is most valuable.

Compensation and Advantages

It is possible for an employer, location, and amount of expertise to have an impact on the wage and benefits package offered to a Kitchen Helper. The hourly income for a Kitchen Helper in Canada can range anywhere from the country’s minimum wage to $16 CAD (Canadian Dollars), with an average of $12 CAD (Canadian Dollars) per hour. However, depending on your level of experience, expertise, and overall performance in your position, certain employers may offer you a larger salary.

When it comes to benefits, some firms may provide their workers with medical insurance, dental insurance, paid time off, retirement savings plans, and additional perks like employee discounts or free meals. On the other hand, benefits might not be included with every position for a Kitchen Helper, particularly those that are only part-time or temporary.

It is crucial to note that even if the income for a Kitchen Helper may not be great, the position can be an excellent entry-level job for persons who want to get experience in the culinary business and work their way up to higher-paying positions. This is something that should be taken into consideration. In addition, working in a kitchen as a Kitchen Helper can provide valuable hands-on experience in addition to opportunities to build skills and information that can be advantageous for a career in the culinary business.


In conclusion, a Kitchen Helper is an important entry-level role in the culinary business that entails completing a number of tasks to support the culinary team in a kitchen environment. This position is typically found in restaurants and other food service establishments. The duties and responsibilities of a Kitchen Helper include ensuring that the kitchen is kept clean and organized, assisting with the preparation of meals, ensuring that all of the equipment and surfaces are clean and sterilized, and adhering to the established requirements for maintaining food safety and hygiene.

The education and training requirements for a Kitchen Helper position normally include a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent, along with the need that the employer give training on the job. Depending on the employer, a Kitchen Helper in Canada might make anywhere from the Canadian federal minimum wage to CAD $16 per hour. In addition, some employers provide other perks to their employees. In spite of the fact that the pay is lower, working as a Kitchen Helper can be an excellent stepping stone for persons who are interested in pursuing a career in the culinary sector. Such a job can provide individuals with useful experience as well as prospects for professional progression.

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