Canada Scholarship for International Students 2023-2024

Winning a scholarship that pays for both your studies and your living expenses is one of the most practical ways to begin your education in Canada because it covers all of your costs. Naturally, Canadian colleges have a tendency to provide financial aid in the form of scholarships to students who have achieved remarkable academic success. However, one’s chances of being awarded a scholarship in Canada are also determined by the amount of job and volunteer experience one has. Scholarships are a form of financial assistance that does not need to be repaid, but there is a lot of competition for them.

Students from other countries are eligible to apply for scholarships offered by Canadian educational institutions if they are enrolled in undergraduate, master’s, doctorate, post-doctoral, or certificate programs. The government of Canada offers financial assistance in the form of international scholarships in virtually every academic discipline. As a direct consequence of this, the Canadian Government Scholarship for Overseas Students is available to students from any part of the country. The good news is that educational institutions in Canada provide a wide range of scholarships, the longest of which can cover a student’s tuition costs for up to four years.

List of Canadian Scholarships Available to Foreign Students

  1. The International Lester B. Pearson Scholarship Program at the University of Toronto

International students from all over the world are eligible to receive an annual scholarship from the University of Toronto. This grant is also available to international students who are currently enrolled in secondary schools in Canada. The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program at the University of Toronto is intended to recognize international students who thrive both academically and creatively, in addition to those who are leaders in their respective schools. The Lester B. Pearson Scholar designation is bestowed upon a total of 37 undergraduate students participating in the University of Toronto’s program. The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship will pay for all of the recipient’s educational costs over the course of four years, including tuition, books, and miscellaneous fees.

In order to be eligible for the Pearson International Scholarship, an individual must demonstrate that they satisfy the following criteria:

a student from outside of Canada who requires a study permit; sometimes known as an international student.

You need to be entering your senior year of high school or already have graduated by the time June rolls around.

You will be required to begin your studies at the University of Toronto in the month of September of the following academic year. Students who are currently enrolled in postsecondary studies are ineligible to apply; similarly, students who will begin their postsecondary education at another institution in January of the following academic year are also ineligible to apply.

Visit the official website if you want more information about how to apply for this scholarship. It is important that you do this.

  1. The University of British Columbia’s Karen McKellin Award for an International Leader of Tomorrow

The Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award is given out by the University of British Columbia to international students who have distinguished themselves academically, demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, and been actively involved in both student government and community service. Undergraduate students who are citizens of a country outside of the United States are qualified to apply for this award. The amount of the Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award you receive is determined by how much financial support you require. In order to determine whether or not sufficient funds are available, the annual financial contribution that you and your family are able to make is deducted from the total amount required for tuition, fees, and living expenses. You may be eligible to have the duration of your grant increased by up to three additional years of undergraduate study or until you have completed your degree.

To be eligible for nomination for the Karen McKellin Award for the International Leader of Tomorrow, an individual must fulfill the following requirements:

You must identify as a student from another country who possesses a valid study permit from Canada and plans to attend school there.

To enroll at UBC, you must have graduated from an accredited high school or completed at least one year of study at an accredited postsecondary institution or other university.

You must be able to demonstrate that you meet all of the requirements for admission to UBC, including the English Language Admission Standard as well as the general and degree-specific requirements.

a demonstrated history of outstanding academic achievement.

Show that you are in need of financial assistance and that without it, you would not be able to pursue a degree at UBC.

You must have graduated from high school no sooner than June two years prior to the academic year for which you are applying in order to be considered.

The official website for the scholarship provides applicants with access to a variety of other resources and information pertaining to the application process.

  1. A Scholarship Awarded to International Students Attending York University

Both the Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships and the International Entrance Scholarships of Distinction are open for applications to international students who are interested in attending York University to complete their undergraduate studies full-time. International students have access to a greater number of financial aid opportunities than usual thanks to York University in Ontario’s expansion of its Global Leader of Tomorrow Awards and International Entrance Scholarships of Distinction programs. These scholarships are renewable for a total of three years of full-time undergraduate study. More specifically, the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award provides a total of $80,000 (for four years), and the International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction provides $140,000 (for four years), both of which are awarded to international students who demonstrate high academic achievement in each academic year. All prospective candidates for the undergraduate program must belong to one of these faculties:

  • Studies in the Professions and the Liberal Arts
  • The Creative Process: Arts, Media, Performance, and Design
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Health
  • Science
  • Business

It is necessary to fulfill all of the following requirements in order to qualify for the significant international scholarship:

Student from outside of Canada who is in possession of a Study Permit.

have submitted an application to York University for one of their undergraduate degree programs.

Being a student who was accepted to York who applied immediately after graduating high school, no more than two years after receiving their diploma, and who had never taken any university or college level classes before.

Maintain an outstanding academic record with a grade point average of at least “A” or one that is comparable as a minimum requirement.

have demonstrated leadership qualities via activities such as volunteer work, accomplishment in the arts, athletics, or other areas of personal achievement, or both.

Because only one student at a time can ordinarily be nominated by their own high school, this honor goes to the kid who stands out the most.

Please load a recommendation letter here.

Make sure that the “Received” checkbox appears next to all of the necessary documents in the York application.

It is necessary to submit the application for the International Student Scholarship via the university’s online application system within the specified amount of time.

Please refer to the International Scholarships section of the York University website for any additional information regarding the application process.

  1. Scholarship for Postsecondary Studies in Ontario

International students who are ambitious and wish to enroll in Master’s or Doctoral degree programs at the University of Toronto are eligible to apply for Ontario Graduate Scholarships, which are awarded annually by the province of Ontario and the university. Since its inception, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship has awarded merit-based scholarships to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and protected persons, in addition to providing financial assistance to international students from all corners of the globe. At each meeting, the OGS is worth a total of $5,000. As a direct consequence of this, participants could get $10,000 or $15,000 for attending two or three consecutive sessions, respectively. In each and every instance, the graduating unit that bestows awards will give away one-third of the overall prize that the students have achieved. In addition, the criteria for the OGS restrict students to receiving a total of no more than six years’ worth of government-funded awards during their lifetimes, and also prohibit students from being in possession of both an OGS and another government-funded award at the same time.

To qualify for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, candidates must demonstrate that they meet all of the following requirements:

According to section 95(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada), international students who are currently enrolled at the University of Toronto on a temporary residence visa or who wish to enroll there must be citizens of Canada, permanent residents of Canada, or protected persons in order to qualify for the visa.

You are required to earn a grade of at least A- (or its equivalent) in each of the most recent two years of full-time study; alternatively, if you have already finished two years of graduate studies at the time of application, you must show an overall average grade of at least A- (or its equivalent) on all of the graduate courses you have completed.

Be enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Toronto on a full-time basis in an applicable program offered by the graduate unit that awarded the OGS, and maintain that enrollment status.

If you are receiving a scholarship from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, QEII-GSST, or another OGS, you are not allowed to have a full-time job or an OGS award during the same session or in the same award year as the scholarship.

The criteria for qualification that have been outlined above are only the absolute minimal requirements. Graduate units have the ability to place additional criteria on the process of applying for, receiving, or maintaining an OGS.

  1. The President’s Scholarship for Future World Leaders offered by the University of Winnipeg

International students who are entering the University of Winnipeg for the very first time are eligible to apply for the President’s Scholarship for World Leaders. This scholarship can be received in any of the university’s faculties. Those who are interested in furthering their education at the University of Winnipeg by enrolling in one of its Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs are eligible for this scholarship. In addition to this, all overseas candidates are required to have an admission average of at least 80% or an equivalent grade point average, and they must also be involved in activities that demonstrate leadership. The President’s Scholarship for World Leaders carries a value of $5,000 for its recipient. In addition to the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that are provided at the University of Winnipeg, international students can make advantage of the scholarship to enroll in the PACE (Professional, Applied, and Counting Education) or ELP (English Language Program) programs that are the most appropriate for the goals that they wish to achieve.

  • Candidates need to demonstrate that they satisfy the following requirements:
  • You need to have an admission average of at least 80% or higher.
  • Attend school as a student from another country.
  • Exhibit exceptional leadership skills in all that you do.
  • Starting point of any program’s initial year of enrollment.
  • Submit an application for admission in its entirety by the specified date for the scholarship.

Visit the website of the University of Winnipeg to acquire in-depth information regarding the application procedure.

  1. Scholarship for International Students to Attend the University of Calgary

International students who are neither citizens or permanent residents of Canada are eligible to apply for scholarships called International Entrance Scholarships at the University of Calgary. These scholarships are meant to encourage international students to continue their education and enroll in the first cycle of classes offered at the university. One of the conditions for the scholarship is a certain level of academic prowess, in addition to accomplishments in other areas of life. The scholarship is worth $15,000 and is renewable every year in the second, third, and fourth years at the University of Calgary, as long as the winners maintain a GPA of 2.60 or higher over a minimum of 24.00 units in the immediately preceding fall and winter terms. The undergraduate degree will set you back a total of $60,000 over the course of its four years of study. Students from other countries who are interested in applying for this scholarship have the option of enrolling in any Bachelor of Arts or Science program offered by the University of Calgary.

In order for international students to be eligible for the International Entrance Scholarship, they need to fulfill the following specified requirements:

Students from other countries are required to be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program that begins classes in the fall semester.

  • You have to be a first-time student.
  • If a student wants to be eligible for a scholarship, they need to have a GPA that is at least 3.20.
  • In addition to that, the university requires a certain level of proficiency in the English language.
  • It is recommended that anyone interested in learning more check out the official webpage of the scholarship program at Calgary University.

Advice on How to Look for Financial Aid Opportunities

It is vital to know where to orient yourself in order to easily follow the targeted scholarships, which is why it is important to know where to orient yourself when searching for scholarships, which could be a real struggle. In general, scholarship applications are tailored to the applicant based on their academic interests, talents, extracurricular activities, career aspirations, geographic region, and a range of other factors. In the following paragraphs, you will learn about some of the most helpful approaches to locating scholarship opportunities.

  1. Check With the University of Your Choosing

To get started in the process of gathering the required information, you should either go to the university’s website or get in touch with the financial aid office of the university that you intend to attend. Both of these options are good starting points. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions about scholarship opportunities for international students and other application requirements if they do so. Since the application for admission and the application for scholarships are two independent things, it is essential to avoid conflating the two in your mind.

  1. Participate in Professional Organizations

In today’s world, everyone is automatically included in a community of individuals who have certain interests in common. A fantastic method for following possible scholarship opportunities is to make use of social media or just to communicate with classmates who are also interested in acquiring a scholarship to advance their academic career. It would be a mistake to pass up the opportunity to learn more about the scholarships that are available in Canada from the federal government, the province governments, private foundations, and organizations that are not for profit.

  1. Get in Touch With Your School’s Academic Advisor

Academic advisors work with students to help them discover their academic interests, identify resources that can provide them with additional information and support, and devise study plans that are suitable for the educational goals they have set for themselves. Why not take advantage of the fact that you have unfettered access to the school counselor and have a fruitful chat about this matter? You have their full attention and they are there to help you. Find out what kinds of assistance are offered to students who are moving overseas for the sake of studying if your institution has a dedicated office for such students.